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How to Create an Image in DiskExplorer

When you open DiskExplorer, it should look something like this, It may say FAT or NTFS or it may say Invalid Partition Table. That does not matter, what matters is that you see this screen.

Step 1

What you want to do is click on File then go to Drive. That will let us pick what drive we want to image.

Step 2

From the Select Drive menu, we need to choose the correct drive to make the image from. Remember that the image will be the same size as the drive and you never want to copy the image to the drive you are trying to image. It needs to be another drive at least the same size if not larger.

Step 3

Once you select your drive, the screen will look like it did when you opened the program. This is normal, it may now show a correct Partition Table if one is available.

Step 4

You need to click on the View button now, and select as Hex. The same thing can be accomplished by pressing F3.

Step 5

You are now viewing your drive in Hex. You want to go to Edit, then Select All.

Step 6

Your entire drive in Hex should be highlighted now.

Step 7

Now you need to click on Edit, then Copy To File. This will bring up a prompt.

Step 8

You need to give the image a name and tell the software where to store it. At the top of the prompt it will show the size of the image about to be created. In this case it is 74.5 GB. Remember the drive you need to copy this image to can not be the same drive and has to have at least 74.5GB of free space.

Step 9

It will then ask you if you want to split the image into several files. You should answer Yes to this, as the destination drive might not accept very large files.

Step 10

Once you select to split the images the software will start copying. The time the image takes depends on the computer speed, the hard drive speed, and the severity of eventual disk damage. As you can see from the screenshot, it will take about 3 hours with a Pentium 4 1.8GHz with 512MB of RAM with a 7200RPM drive. Now if the drive has bad sectors on it, the image could take a lot longer.

Step 11

Once this process completed your image is ready. Look at the drive you had chosen to copy the image to. It contains a bunch of files named "untitled.img", "untitled.001", "untitled.002", and so on. These files are the image.