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Very intelligent program

The drive's master boot record was completely gone, and the drive had been running an unknown disk manager driver on top of that. Pretty hopeless situation — I had tried everything. I was getting ready to spend $2000 by sending it off to a data recovery company. Then this program analyzed the whole drive contents and retrieved 99% of the files and directories, allowing me to copy them off to another disk. Amazing. You need to be somewhat technically inclined to use this program effectively, though, which is as it should be. Thanks, Runtime.

ANDREW from Dallas, TX

Well done!

This program (the registered version anyway) restored over 80 gigs of info that got copied over from a bad backup. It was able to recover the data even though I had run fdisk and formatted it with NTFS, then installed XP. Since this drive formally had an OS on it, there was kind of a buffer between the data I needed and what was over-written by the OS. I guess because of what I had tried to do with this drive, but even though most of my files were there, my directory organization is gone. I really don't care; at least it is back; I can resort it later. I had tried over 5 different data recovery programs without ANY success. This worked the first time.

LEE from Hong Kong

Skeptics come here!

I have read the comment that another user had written and agree. I have lost data through different ways, and have given up due to applications that claim to help recover your data. I had a drive that had important (to me) data. Through a bad piece of hardware, the OS claimed that the drive had to be formatted. I was in agony! I scoured furiously to find an app that could do the job. After running several with little or no success, I gave GetDataBack once, and my faith was restored. It recovered all of my data. The next thing I have to do is buy a license. This I don't do for any software. Excellent piece of kit!!

THOMAS from Boise, ID

Worked well for me

I downloaded this product after a buddy lost two years' worth of work in the form of Word documents. The directory structure of a second hard drive in his system was completely hosed and replaced by something I have never seen. This was probably brought on by running ScanDisk, and something got messed up with respect to his directory entries. Anyway, GDB was able to recover all the lost data and place it into directories that could be backed up. I will say that this program has its complexities and may be more comfortable to someone with a computer background, but it can be used by anyone. It is non-destructive since it requires data recovered to be restored to a different drive, which is a good thing if you have to pull the drive and send it to a data recovery service. Very well worth the $70 licensing cost and can save you thousands in data recovery costs. Give it a try!

ANDY from Halstad, MN

This program gives me goosebumps!

Wow! GetDataBack defies the law of computer nature! No longer does delete means gone forever. I deleted over 1 gig 2 days ago after deleting my user profile, which removed all of my files in "My Documents" and "My Briefcase". To my amazement, this little program found everything, and I wasted no time in buying the register key in order to save it. You will surf for a complete file shredding program after seeing the results. If all my fingers were thumbs, I would give 10 thumbs up!

JOHN from Palo Alto, CA

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