License Agreement and Disclaimer

The following are the conditions under which Runtime Software software is sold, supported, and may be used. By using or licensing Runtime Software software, you agree to these. 
This document may be augmented or superseded by conditions included with specific applications. 

Neither the author(s) nor Runtime Software assumes responsibility for any expense, damage, or loss caused by your use of this software, howsoever it occurs. 
All the registered trademarks used herein are registered to whomever it is that owns them. This notification is given in lieu of any specific list of trademarks and their owners. 

If you buy a license for the software by Runtime Software, we assume that you are doing so, after testing the shareware version and ascertaining that it is suitable for your hardware and requirements. We cannot provide refunds if you subsequently change your mind. 

No portion of the documentation for this software or any of its attdendant files may be reproduced in whole or in part in any medium or form of transmission exclusive of the archive file for the software without the express written permission of Runtime Software. You may not modify or patch the software's executable files in any way, including but not limited to decompiling, disassembling, or otherwise reverse engineering the program.

Licensing this software buys you a named single-user license to use it in perpetuity, subject to the terms discussed herein. With a named single-user license, you are the only user of the license, beiong installed on one computer owned or controlled by you. If you want to have the software installed on more than one computer at the same time, you need to purchase additional licenses. If you want additional users to use the software, you need to purchase additional licenses. A single-user license does not permit you to make the licensed software available over a network for multiple users to access, to distribute it in any form, or to provide it in conjunction with any other product without the express written permission of Runtime Software. The license is not transferable to another party without the written permission of Runtime Software. If you have any questions about the software license, feel free to get in touch with us. 

A "Technician's License" has the same rights and restrictions as the above "named single-user license", but allows you to perform data recovery services on computers not owned or controlled by you.

If you have downloaded this software or had it given to you on disk to try out, you are allowed to use the limited version of the software for free. To use the full version, you have to purchase a license. 

You may distribute the software (on CD-ROMs, Books, Catalogs, Internet, etc.) as long as you follow each one of the following:

1. You distribute only exact, unmodified copies of the original unregistered shareware version of the software, including the DISCLAIMER.
2. You do not monetarily charge or otherwise request any compensation for any copy, however made, without prior permission from Runtime Software.
3. You include the phrase "Copyright by Runtime Software" with any copy of the software.

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