Recovery Info

Review details about the ongoing recovery by going to FILE SYSTEM->Recovery info. The list below shows the file system structure in the left column and its recurrence in the middle column. The right column describes the structure. Click on the middle column to get a list of the findings. For example, click 50 to the right of # MFT below, to get the sector numbers where the items were found.


Recovery Details
Name Example Value Description
Drive: Physical hard drive 954 GB (DISK0:) - SAMSUNG MZFLW1T0HMLH-000MV
NTFS-related findings
# MFT: 50 MFT entries found, sectors with signature "FILE"
# $Mft: 3 $Mft record found, MFT entry named "$Mft"
List expanded: 3 $Mft records were found at sectors C2810, 6C2800, 77223010
# $MftMirr: 3 $MftMirr record found, MFT entry name "$MftMirr"
# Index: 12 Index record found, sectors with signature "INDX"
# NT boot sectors: 4 NTFS boot sector found, signature 0xAA55, "NTFS"
FAT-related findings
# FAT32 boot sectors: 2 FAT32 boot sector found, signature 0xAA55, "FAT32"
# FAT16 boot sectors: 0 FAT boot sectors found, signature 0xAA55, "FAT"
# exFAT boot sectors: 0 exFAT boot sectors found, sig 0xAA55, "EXFAT"
HFS+-related findings
# HFS+ volume headers: 0 HFS+ volume header found, sig "H+"
# Unused HFS volume headers: 0 Unused headers
# HFS node ends: 18 HFS+ tree node end
# HFS header nodes: 0 HFS+ tree header node
APFS-related findings
# APFS NXSBs: 0 APFS superblock found, sig "NXSB"
# APFS APSBs: 0 APFS volume superblock found, sig "APSB"
# APFS Blocks: 0 APFS block found, signature by BlockID
EXT-related findings
# EXT Superblocks: 0 EXT superblocks found, sig 0xEF53
# XFS Superblocks: 0  
FAT-related findings
# 12-bit FATs: 0 12-bit FAT, found by structure analysis
# 16-bit FATs: 0 16-bit FAT, found by structure analysis
# 32-bit FATs: 2 32-bit FAT, found by structure analysis
# EXFAT FATs: 0 exFAT, found by structure analysis
# Directory starts: 52 DIrectory starts found, sig ".", ".."
# Directory conts: 309 Directory continuations found, by structure analysis
# exFAT Directory roots: 0 exFAT root dir, found by structure analysis
# exFAT Directory starts: 0 exFAT dir starts, found by structure analysis
# exFAT Directory conts: 2 exFAT dir conts, found by structure analysis
Dir tracker list: 52 entries List of sectors with a cluster self-reference (".")
FAT analyze list: 50 entries FAT worklist
FAT cache: 6 entries FAT description
CrissCross: Level 1, 110,064 sectors in 26 chunks Sophistication level, list of sectors to visit
CrossCrossMemo: L1/Br100/Dry0 Level 1 / Bracket 100 / NoStreak 0 / Thieve none
Sectors starts: 509 Identified file starts
Cluster starts: 1,521 Identified cluster starts
All clusters: 375  
Cl sizes: 28  
File system list: 5 items  
Selected file system: NTFS at sector 796,672, cluster size 8 (953 GB) more...
ID: 1302511837 created 5/15/2020 2:12:04 PM Recovery ID, date

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