Create XOR VIM

This tiny utility creates a Virtual Image File with the current drives XOR-ed with each other.

Assume you have opened the files C:\img\drive1.img, C:\img\drive2.img, and C:\img\drive3.img. Click on Tools->Create XOR VIM. Click Save and you will have created a file C:\img\xor.vim. This file contains the following XML code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <Comment>NOTE: The INFO tag is not necessary for the VIM to function. It is only a comment.</Comment>
  <creator>Raid Reconstructor, Version 5.00</creator>
  <Comment>XOR of these 3 drives:
    Drive 1: C:\img\drive1.img
    Drive 2: C:\img\drive2.img
    Drive 3: C:\img\drive3.img</Comment>
  <cycle blocksize="128">

Practically speaking, this VIM file simulates a missing RAID-5 drive from a 4-drive RAID-5 with the surviving drives drive1.img, drive2.img, and drive3.img. You can open this VIM file like any other drive with our products RAID Reconstructor, GetDataBack, Captain Nemo, or DiskExplorer.