An Audit is a technical support option that collects drive data to reproduce an error. The Audit maintains a list of all sectors read. After GetDataBack hits the error, the program extracts these read sectors. Create an Audit only if Runtime Software's support is requesting one.

  1. Immediately after starting GetDataBack, go to TOOLS->Settings->Miscellaneous->Debug and enable the Audit drive access.
  2. Proceed with the data recovery until you reach the point at which the error occurred.
  3. Go to HELP->Print Audit.
  4. Underneath Create compressed image file, you see the total amount of data to be extracted. Verify the file is not too large and fits on the destination.
  5. Click Create compressed image file.
  6. Select a name for the file. Make sure the file you are creating is not on the drive you want to recover.

This process can take a while. Once it has completed, contact technical support for instructions on what to do with this file.

See also: Snapshot, Log file, FAQ, Doing a Data Recovery