View File

The View File feature can display many file formats. For binary and unknown formats, it uses a HEX viewer. It opens files very quickly, so you can easily go from file to file, checking their content.

Highlight the file you want to view in the Recovery Tree and click F3 or ENTER.

Supported files:

The viewer's title line contains the name of the currently viewed file, as well as the name of the copy of that file in the temp directory.

The viewer derives the file format from the file extension. If the file is corrupted and the viewer can not display the file according to its extension, the HEX viewer displays it.

In the viewer, you can change how the currently loaded file is displayed. For example, you can switch from IMAGE to HEX if you want to examine the file on the byte level.

The viewer creates files in the temporary files directory. Make sure that directory is not on the drive you want to recover.