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How to Check the Quality of the Recovery Before Purchasing

Before you purchase the GetDataBack license key, we recommend that you check the recovered files' quality in the last step of the recovery process.

Although, in most cases, what you see is what you get, GetDataBack may display the file names correctly in the Recovery Tree, but when you open the files, they are not useable.

To make sure that the file contents are alright, select the file in the final step of the recovery and double-click or press ENTER to call the built-in file viewer. The viewer is able to display the file content for various file types (.txt, .doc, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf). Where the file type is not supported, the file content will be shown in hexadecimal format. Or right-click the file and click "Open" to open it in its original application.  

Whenever you are unsure about the quality of the recovered files, please send us an email.

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