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Captain Nemo Pro

Mount drives or images, formatted with other file systems, locally on your Windows computer. No network setup required, simply attach the drive to SATA or USB. Access the files with an Explorer-style file manager.

Price: $90

Version: V7.02, September 24, 2022

Updates: Free lifetime updates for licensed users

System Requirements: 4 GB RAM, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, Server 2008-2022, 32 or 64 bit


  • Read, search and view any Novell, NTFS, or Linux EXT, XFS, or Apple HFS+, APFS drive from a Windows computer

  • Mount images created by RAID Reconstructor, DiskExplorer, or GetDataBack

  • Mount any raw image of a disk, such as a DD image

  • Captain Nemo is read-only, and it won't alter the content of a mounted disk

  • Comfortable viewer for many file types

  • Robust disk search feature

  • Display owners and attributes of every file

  • Run from a WinPE Boot Medium or a Runtime Live CD

  • Free lifetime updates with purchase

  • No additional software or drivers needed

Access Foreign Drives or Images on Any Windows Computer

Captain Nemo

Captain Nemo: Mounted NTFS, HFS+, APFS, and EXT volumes

Captain Nemo is widely used by law enforcement personnel, forensic investigators as well as network administrators. It enables you to access different file systems from your Windows computer without requiring a network setup. 

Connect the drive locally to your machine, and Captain Nemo will automatically mount it. You can read, search, and view all your external files and copy them to a Windows drive.

Mount DD, IMG, and IMC Images

Mount images you previously created with other software, such as DD, RAID Reconstructor, DiskExplorer, or GetDataBack. Captain Nemo can mount any raw image of a disk that was formatted with a supported file system. Captain Nemo accepts raw images (.dd, .img), compressed images (.imc) and virtual images (.vim). 

While Captain Nemo is not a data recovery tool in a strict sense, you can use the Captain to mount an image or virtual image that you created with RAID Reconstructor. Once a RAID is reconstructed, its file system is usually in good enough shape to be simply mounted in Captain Nemo, saving you many hours recovering your files.

Easy to Use

Captain Nemo does not require the installation of any additional drivers, programs or files. The foreign file system will be mounted automatically and you can copy files from it to the Windows partition. Captain Nemo looks like and is as easy to use as the Windows Explorer, but allows you to access all the data on the foreign file system.

Supported File Systems

Captain Nemo mounts the following file systems:

  • Novell Netware 3.xx, 4.xx and 5.xx, supports Netware compression and sub-allocation

  • Windows NTFS, supports NTFS compression

  • Linux EXT2, EXT3, EXT4

  • Linux XFS

  • Apple HFS+ 

  • Apple APFS

Free Lifetime Updates

Captain Nemo comes with free updates for the lifetime of the software. Other than with competitors who require you to buy a new version every year, our first customers are still enjoying the latest versions of our software!

No Working Windows?

Run RAID Reconstructor from a WinPE Boot Medium  or our Runtime Live CD.

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