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Technical Support

We offer free before-and-after purchase technical support for our programs GetDataBack, DiskExplorer, RAID Reconstructor and Captain Nemo. If you use our software commercially for more than one data recovery, purchase of additional support time may be necessary.


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Free Updates

Registered users of GetDataBack, DiskExplorer, RAID Reconstructor and Captain Nemo are entitled to free updates for the life of the product. Just download the new version of the program from our website and register it with the license key you got.

Contact Tech Support

When contacting Technical Support, please help us by including the name and version no. of the program you are using, any error messages and error no. you are getting while running the program, and how we can contact you.

RAID Support

If you are having trouble finding your RAID's parameters, our RaidProbe service might be an option for you.

DriveImage XML Support

There is no support for the free Private Edition. The buyer of the Commercial Edition gets free support for one year for the number of support incidences specified at the time of purchase.

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