Status Line

The status line on the bottom of the screen gives you information about the ongoing recovery process.

Mem: 16309MB tot / 8092MB avl / 1581MB prc || C | DISK0 954 GB L1 FSL5 NTFS 953 GB@S796,672 158932 dirs/1153829 files/912 GB/1312762 dhs
  16309MB tot Installed total physical memory
  8092MB avl Immediately available physical memory
  1581MB prc Memory used by this process
License status
  X Extented options active (CTRL-U F F)
  C Code viewer on (debug only)
  Lo1 Logging is on, log file is kept open (vs closed), errorlevel is 1
  A Audit is on
  DISK0 Selected drive
  954 GB Drive capacity
  File system
    L1 Current sophistication level
    FSL5 File system list has 5 entries
    Selected file system
      NTFS Type (NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, EXT, HFS+, or APFS)
      953 GB File system capacity
      @S796,672 Located at sector 796,672
      Recovery Tree
        158932 dirs # directories in Recovery Tree
        1153829 files # files in Recovery Tree
        912 GB Total amount of data in Recovery Tree
        1312762 dhs # dirhash entries (internal)