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Full Service Data Recovery.

Data Recovery Service

Reliable, speedy & cost-effective Data Recovery Service

We are highly experienced in recovering data lost due to all imaginable logical failures. If you lost data because the drive was formatted, f'disked, hit by a virus attack, files were deleted etc. we have the tools and knowledge to retrieve your data as long as it wasn't overwritten.

We offer data recovery service for all kinds of media (i.e. Hard drives, Zip/Jaz drives, CDs, Floppies, drive image files, Flashcards/Memory sticks) for all Windows file systems.

So if you don't want to do the data recovery yourself or the case is too complex for a data recovery software, let us do the recovery for you. We normally charge $350 to $600 for a single drive recovery.

For all data recovery cases that involve mechanically or otherwise physically damaged media, we recommend that you contact a data recovery lab.

Data Recovery Service for RAID Systems

We have excellent technicians who specialize in the reconstruction and recovery of broken RAID 0 and 5 arrays. We normally charge $1200 to $1800 for a RAID recovery.

You might also consider our new RaidProbe service.

Why choose Runtime Software for data recovery service?

- Free estimate - As soon as we receive your drive, we will evaluate it and we will tell you upfront if and how much of your data we'll be able to recover. We will tell you how much the recovery is going to cost, and then you can decide if you want to enlist our services.

- No Data - No Charge - You pay only for a successful recovery. If we cannot recover your files, you will not be charged anything except for the cost of shipping back your drive.

We will never open your drive, physically alter your drive or do anything that voids the manufacturer's warranty.

- Reasonable Pricing - We will charge you strictly the hours we actually work on your drive. Our technicians have seen almost every possible scenario before, they'll know how to approach your case, which keeps work hours down.

- Confidentiality - We respect your privacy. We do not discuss anything concerning your case/your data with anyone outside of our company. No one outside our company will see or get access to your data or your drive. We will gladly sign your confidentiality agreements.

Please proceed as follows:

Contact one of our data recovery technicians at 888-777-6960 to describe your data recovery problem. Make sure to pack your media in a way that it won't get damaged during transportation. Print and sign the Liability Waiver and include it with your package.

Send your media or an image file of your media to our address (preferably by UPS or FedEx):

Runtime Software
75-6082 Alii Dr., Suite A
Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Print and sign the Liability Waiver and include it with your package.